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Mother’s Day

As I am lucky enough to still have my mother in my life, I want to say that she is awesome! She has always been there for me. From kissing boo-boo’s to making sure I was well fed, well dressed, … Continue reading

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Life is like the perfect martini!

As James Bond would say, “Shaken…Not stirred”. Now don’t most of us wish that life was gently stirred instead of shaken violently? Gee how many of  us out there would gladly welcome a gently stirred life? How many of us … Continue reading

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Deja vu

OK, well I am clearly seeing that I have been thru this before. A moment when you knew in your heart that you are supposed to do one thing and someone comes along and throws a monkey wrench in your … Continue reading

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Originally posted on positiveandgrateful:
What does it mean in terms of the universe or God when information falls into your lap? What does it mean when you find things out that you weren’t supposed to know about? Is it a…

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Balance is a word that has popped up lately, whether it related to me or to others in my life. I now realize that balance has not played a part in my life in a long time. Sure we go … Continue reading

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Energy is a word that conjures up many different ideas to people. Some of us think that we don’t have enough to get thru the day. And to many of us it seems like others have plenty and are able … Continue reading

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Well they have made movies about what 2012 means and everyone has an opinion about what may or may not happen. Since my exit of my own self induced exile into nowhere land….I’ve have found that many people I know … Continue reading

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