Energy is a word that conjures up many different ideas to people. Some of us think that we don’t have enough to get thru the day. And to many of us it seems like others have plenty and are able to do, go and get things done. There are those who do ‘energy’ work, healers. They are able to balance energy in the bodies of others. Some can feel and read energy from the universe around us.

One of the reasons I decided to learn about natural health and healthy eating was the I was way to low on energy in my early 30’s. I remember thinking that if I felt this way now how was I going to feel in my 50’s. Well guess what I’m in my mid 50’s and today I have the energy to get things done. A year ago, I could not have spent the day packing up my belongings and then go out for the evening. One word-grateful!

It’s been quite a journey, when I started to clean my body up and change my eating habits. I did get my energy back and it was wonderful. I went slowly with eliminating certain foods, so that the changes would stick and it’s really funny now that I actually thought pasta with veggies in it was the answer at that time and I became the pasta queen. Well the evolutionary process has continued and I know better. I live on a hunter-gatherer diet now, with as much raw organic food as possible. It’s not to say that I don’t have a sandwich once in a blue moon or a piece of pizza, but I hardly ever think of these foods in my daily life. Dessert is never an issue unless someone puts a menu in front of me and I will turn it down unless there is the word chocolate.Oh and I do like an occasional cocktail. But these are the things that I do in moderation..

Stress has a lot to do with our energy levels, so we need to be mindful and make adjustments for this. Right now, one would say that my stress levels are high and I am taking supplements to help my adrenals function properly and lots of antioxidants to fight the free radicals that are produced as a side effect of stress.

Now you are probably wondering why with all that I do to take care of myself and how I did get to feeling better through my 30’s and 40’s, why it’s only, since September that I feel better, even with all the stress. Disease will lower your energy levels, there is no way around that. But I had a root canal 30 years ago that was not done properly and it festered silently, attacking my immune system. When I hit an all time low last summer, the tooth started to hurt and the Endodontist said to, “take it out”. Well 2 days after it came out, I had the energy of a 20 something and it has stayed with me! Again in the bigger picture of things, I am positive that I would not be surviving the stress that I feel today and have the energy to tackle the things that I need to do to move on with my life. When I get overwhelmed, I remember this and the gratitude that I feel for this keeps me going.

I was introduced to energy work years ago, through the use of Kinesiology, better know to some as muscle testing. Then I had opportunities to learn cranial sacral work and learned to feel the functional rhythms of the body. I find all of this fascinating. It has lead to studying about the energy of our thoughts, emotions, our past, of places and energy of others. For women especially we have a sixth sense,  a sense of intuition, I do and I have learned recently to trust it completely. Spirituality, reiki, meditation, color therapy, music therapy, etc.,  are all forms of energy work.

Utilizing Kinesiology with clients is the only way that I will work with them to let their bodies tell us what they need. Learning to practice Kinesiology (muscle testing)on myself was one of the hardest things that I ever learned and it took 2 years. But what a freeing experience. I can muscle test a book to see if it’s the right book for me to read or to find out what color I should wear today, what foods and supplements do I need now. You get the picture, freeing experience!

Right after I got engaged I had a friend who insisted on testing my engagement ring and it kept testing NO, she tested all my other jewelry and it was always a yes. We joked about it and she said that he needed to buy me another ring, but I was happy with this one and insisted that it would be alright. About 6 weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk and my rings were laying there after washing my hands, I decided to muscle test the rings. I got a NO on the engagement ring and a YES on the other ring. The more that I thought about it, I realized what the ring stood for was what was important and I change the question around. I asked if what the ring stood for was good for me and I got a NO. I asked if the ring worn on my right hand would be good for me and I got a Yes answer. Of course I tried several times that day and consecutive days and always the same answer. It was so simple and so complex. In retrospect, I am grateful that I didn’t know the right question to ask back then because I would have missed out on a valuable learning experience! So is ignorance bliss, should I muscle test to avoid trouble in the future and maybe miss out on another  learning experience?  I am positive that we are here to grow and learn! I will be paying more attention to the energy around me in the future.

Remember that our thoughts are a form of energy, they are powerful so keep them positive at all times.


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