Well they have made movies about what 2012 means and everyone has an opinion about what may or may not happen. Since my exit of my own self induced exile into nowhere land….I’ve have found that many people I know are in relationships that are ending, people are moving far away from the world that they know, others have been involved in accidents with extensive injuries and others have found that they are experiencing major health issues. What in the world is going on? I know that many believe that the world is coming to an end and I believe that there are some thriving on the fear of that. But I truly believe that it is the year of big changes, a cosmic shift in universal thinking that change is very necessary to heal the problems that are plaguing our world as we know it. But just in case, it is the end, I am moving to NYC so that when the big bomb hits, I go first and don’t have to deal with the fall-out!

I believe we need to pay attention to all this, it is happening for a reason. More important than ever it is our opportunity to come together in universal harmony to make the changes necessary to heal our world. To heal ourselves! Everybody hurts….it’s time to do something about it! Take a stand for yourself, it’s time for reflection on what we can do to heal ourselves and by doing that we will be a part of the greater consciousness of the universe. It’s time to be positive and grateful for everything, good, bad and indifferent! Lets all get together sing, dance and love! It’s what the world needs, not war, not hatred, not more of the same, politics, negative thinking and fear.  We need to practice forgiveness and move toward a greater consciousness of brotherly love.

I spent my day reflecting on my life, I made a trip to a place where one of the best days of my life happened. I really thought that I would cry, but what I felt really surprised even me. I felt the moment that happened there, hearing in my mind the conversation, the tenderness, the smiles, the hope and anticipation and I felt the greatest joy! And I felt so lucky for the experience that started that day.  Two months ago I would have cried and cried, but I realize now that that was the past and as human beings we need to remember and learn from our experiences and be grateful. I’ve done a lot of personal reflection the last couple months and am amazed (and surprised) at how far I’ve come after being brought to my knees.  Hitting a bottom, while being scary, can and will be the best thing that ever happens to you! I promise! If you do the work instead of feeling sorry for yourself the rewards will be many. I’ve worked hard and spent a lot of time trying to turn all this around into a positive and the answers are coming.

I hope that you understand that I am today Positive and Grateful!


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