At this point in my life I am so grateful for my friends. I only have a few really good friends and you know who you are because I told you! You have been there for me for the last 2 months and have listened patiently. I know that you all have busy lives, but you dropped everything to help me and you will never know how deeply grateful I am.

As most of us look back on our lives, we’ve had really good friends come and go and when they went we were sad. Why did we lose touch? Where are they now? Are they doing well?

The thing that I have noticed is that the friends we have at any given moment are not in our lives by accident. When I was explaining a situation to a friend today, I asked about the coincidence of it all and she said, ” It is the Divine Right of Order”. Wow! So simple! It’s in the Plan. These wonderful friends are in our lives to teach us and to be taught by us. They bring to us wisdom that we need at that particular moment in our lives. If we open our hearts and listen without judgement, we can learn! Did you ever hear yourself giving advice to a friend and just know that what you were saying was something you yourself needed to hear? Now that’s scary but so true! I’ve heard many positive reassuring things and everyday I get stronger.

When I read the Celestine Prophecy in the 90’s, I was amazed by some of the concepts. I know what you are thinking, it was just a fiction book, but the reality is that this fiction book actually got people thinking. I especially loved the parts that stated, “There are no coincidences” and “You never know if someone walking down the street has a message for you, if you would only look at them, acknowledge them, speak with them. Do we do that with strangers? Do we walk by and judge them? Do we think that we are to good to talk to them?

Well I got on a flight mid-March and a man was seated next to me. I was on the verge of tears and all I could think about was that I didn’t really want to talk to anyone, “please, please don’t talk to me”. I really wanted a drink and when the flight attendant asked I order one and so did the man. It was at that point that he talked to me. I’m still not sure that I remember what he said in the beginning but I ended up listening. After introductions, and some chatter he started talking about things I needed to hear. It turns out that he wrote a book called Dash, it’s a motivational workbook to help you to set goals and achieve everything your heart desires,finish the ‘bucket list’, do, go get, etc. Linda Ellis wrote the poem The Dash. I am not sure if I can put the poem in this blog but I will tell you that the dash represents the period of time between birth and death on your tombstone and how you spend that time is what means the most. I now carry the poem with me to remind me that I need to make the most of each and every day.Thank you Reddog for talking to me….in 40 minutes you made a difference in my life too! And thanks again for the copy of the book, I will use it in the near future once I peel away the layers that have led me to near destruction.

I am sure that there are many more people to come to me with messages and I am so looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

I spent tonight talking to my husband, (one of my best friends ever) it went well and I am hoping that we can remain friends. I am grateful to him because this is the second time he gave me my life back. Once I leave town the chances are that we will go our separate ways and I will never see him again, but will be able to look back at all the support and encouragement he gave me and know in my heart the it was the “Divine Right of Order”

Maybe you can’t pay back all the help that you get from your friends but remember to “Pay It Forward”.  I am Positive that I can and will do that!

I will finish the book that Reddog gave me and I am Positive that I will make this life work! I have so many more people to meet! And it’s an opportunity that I welcome.

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