Mother’s Day

As I am lucky enough to still have my mother in my life, I want to say that she is awesome! She has always been there for me. From kissing boo-boo’s to making sure I was well fed, well dressed, taught to be helpful around the house, to cook and had time to play!  A balanced life. I know that I can call her and talk to her about anything and believe me I do just that. I call her to share my joys, also calling on her to help me through troubled times. She is very patient with me and listens well! My mother never judges and doesn’t offer unwanted advice. If I specifically ask for advice then and only then does she give her opinion, it’s a quality that to this day is one that eludes me, since I am so strong willed. But I will always remember that we are friends and grateful that this wonderful woman is my mother.

Choosing to become a mother was difficult for me as I was young and wanted to experience all that the world had to offer. I just wanted to have fun, travel, go, do! We had moved to a rural area in Oklahoma that was peaceful and quiet. I finally made the decision after much prodding to have a child knowing that my life was about to change in so many ways forever. I was told by everyone (before ultrasound) that I was having a girl, so I was ready with a girls’ name that my ex-husband really liked. Before you knew it the big day arrived and after hours of labor and pushing it was determined that I had to have a C-Section and in my drug induced state I heard something in the distance about a boy and wondered who else in the room had a boy. Hours later they brought this precious boy to me and realizing that I didn’t have a name for him, it brought panic. And I hated it when they took him away without a name. The next day as I held him and tried out names none seemed to fit and I tried my fathers’ name, Joe, and it also seemed cold and who needed two Joe’s in the family, but the idea of naming him after my father was very appealing. So, out loud I said Joey and it was perfect. Joseph was it and we would call him Joey and for this sweet little boy it was perfect! I remember one time as I held him and was talking to him I told him that we would be great friends one day ( my ex-husband didn’t approve) and I now realize that I manifested in that moment of my heart being so open, the thing that I wanted most. By the time we got to high school the name changed from Joey to Joe and we were right back where we started. And it suits him!

So Joe and I are the best of friends 33 years later. I am positive that I could not have gotten through this period of my life without this wonderful man’s wisdom and kindness. His compassion for his fellowman is inspiring and he has taught me a lot by his actions.

I am positive that I am lucky to have a great mother and awesome son. I am grateful to know them both! And very grateful that they are amongst my best friends!

Happy Mothers Day Mom and Happy Mothers Day to me!

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